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Fresh Produce

All of our produce comes from the Indianapolis Fruit Company. This family owned company works with local growers and goes around the world to bring us the largest variety of fruits and vegetables. All of the produce is inspected by trained professionals for grade, quality, and freshness before being shipped to us. Lindy's has one of the largest selections of organic produce in the area!

The real standout of our produce department is the cut fruit and vegetable trays!

All of the produce is cut fresh (from whole fruit) throughout the week – nothing is brought in pre-cut. We never use preservatives in our fresh cut fruit and veggie trays – that takes away from the flavor! We always have fresh trays in the case, but we can also make you a cut fruit tray to feed any size party.

We squeeze our own orange juice!

We start out with whole oranges, run them through our juicing machine, and bottle it up. There's nothing in it but 100% pure, fresh squeezed orange juice – no added preservatives, water, or sugar. We juice right in the middle of the produce department, so check it out on your next visit!

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