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Big Green Egg

When we first started selling the Big Green Egg back in 2008 – our customers thought we were a little bit crazy. Lindy's is – they reminded us – a grocery store, not a grill store. The Big Green Egg is not an ordinary grill - we responded – just as we are not your average grocery store.

The Big Green Egg is the ultimate grill – a smoker, griller, baker, pizza oven all rolled into an oddly shaped ceramic super cooker.

In short, the Big Green Egg is a grill for people that love food, love to cook, and love sharing both with family and friends (sound familiar?). The BGE was a natural addition to our store, and it didn't take much convincing before our customers were in love with it too!

The Egg makes the average extraordinary. A hot dog or burger on the Egg is a whole new experience. Things that are impossible to do on a gas grill – perfectly smoked ribs, whole chickens, and even cookies- are made possible by the Egg. The komodo style ceramic grill holds all the moisture in the food instead of letting it escape, which results in moist chicken and tender pork. The unique shape of the grill allows for maximum air flow, which equals really hot coals, resulting in beautifully seared steaks and vegetables.

Since day one, we have offered a 30 day, money back guarantee if you don't love your Egg. In 5 years we have not gotten a single one back – and we think that speaks volumes about the quality of this product. We will assemble your grill for you and make sure you are set up to get grilling! If you live locally, we'll even deliver the Egg to your driveway!

Call us or stop in today to learn more about the Big Green Egg! (If you couldn't tell, we LOVE talking about it!)

We recently started working with Challenger Cabinets out of Indiana. These guys do some amazing things with metal – creating gorgeous and functional tables for Big Green Eggs. They are available in so many different colors and sizes to fit your needs.

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